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Alice Cooper

Alice Cooper started off as a band led by singer Vincent Damon Furnier, who later became known as Alice Cooper himself. Alice Cooper pioneered a theatrical, sometimes violent, but always entertaining form of heavy metal that became known as shock rock. The group created a stage show that featured electric chair, fake blood, a huge boa constrictor, and a guillotine where the make-up clad Furnier would seemingly cut off his own head. Alice Cooper released their first album, "Pretties for You," in 1969. "Easy Action" followed early in 1970, yet neither were the heavy shock rock that the band would become known for, instead they were steeped in psychedelic rock. It was Bob Ezrin (who also worked with Kiss and Pink Floyd) that helped the band to shape themselves into the classic heavy metal band. Alice Cooper were a huge attraction in the 70's but lost momentum as the 80's rolled in churning out a bunch of new wave crap. Cooper made a successful comeback in the late 80's, as a series of pop/metal bands paid musical homage to his classic early records and concerts. "Constrictor," released in 1986,was Alice's return to his hard rock roots and began his comeback, but it was 1989's "Trash" that returned Cooper to the spotlight.

Although he tends to shy away from speaking publicly of his faith, Cooper has confirmed in interviews that he is in fact a born again Christian. He has avoids so called "celebrity Christianity" because, as Cooper states himself: "It's really easy to focus on Alice Cooper and not on Christ. I'm a rock singer. I'm nothing more than that. I'm not a philosopher. I consider myself low on the totem pole of knowledgeable Christians.So, don't look for answers from me".

Heavy Metal, Hard Rock, Shock Rock
Detroit, USA
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Sep 10, 2017 04:41:08 PM
Seems like "Alice" is consistent with his philosophy stated above: " I consider myself low on the totem pole of knowledgeable Christians. So , don't look for answers from me." That's just the problem - I DON'T find any answers from a Christian standpoint on almost ALL of his recorded career. And although esteeming others higher than oneself is a virtue commanded in the Bible , I'm not looking for "Christian rock" from anyone who sports a bumper sticker that reads "Don't Follow Me- I'm Lost" . We ALL as Christians need to be salt and light , not bury it under a basket. As for knowledge , Vincent .... SEEK and you will find. No vitriol intended AT ALL but the truth ALONE will set us free....
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