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Balance of Power

The U.K. band BALANCE OF POWER is known for years as one of the best-selling and popular melodic metal bands in Europe. With their first two albums "When the world falls down" and "Book of Secrets" the band already made themselves a name in the business, especially in Japan. With the third album "Ten more tales.." the band really started off: singer Tony Ritchie took over the bass and American Lance King took over the vocals. "Ten more tales..." was praised highly in the press Europewide and BOP went on their first Euro tour with Pink Cream 69 and Axxis. The follow-up "Perfect Balance" could easily fit the high expectations and received rave reviews again. But it turned out, that there wasn‘t a real band-feeling with four British guys and an American singer, who could not be present most of the time so BALANCE OF POWER and Lance King parted ways. The new singer John K. comes out of the boys neighbourhood so BOP finally became a real band. This can be heard well on the new album "Heathen Machine". The band again managed to bring out their best talents: Heaviness, progressivity, melody and epic songwriting combine to an unique symbiosis, which only BALANCE OF POWER can create. New singer John K. gives the band a new kick, sounds like the agressive brother of Geoff Tate and is more than a replacement for Lance King. "Heathen Machine" is BALANCE OF POWER‘s masterpiece and the album Queensryche were not able to do after "Empire"!

- Massacre Records

Melodic Metal
London, England
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Overall Rating computed from Album Ratings
Year Title Rating Views
2005 Heathenology 1759
2003 Heathen Machine 8066
2002 Perfect Balance 7145
1999 Ten More Tales of Grand Illusion 9049
1998 Book of Secrets 8246
1997 When The World Falls Down 9915

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