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Bone Prophet

How is the up-and-coming Christian rock band Bone Prophet transforming the
way we hear today’s rock music? Just listen to their music and message. In a very short
time, these rockers have hit the music scene with a punch as powerful as their signature
sound. Every music scene has that one group that defines a new movement to surpass a
listener’s expectations, and these guys truly succeed in doing that for today’s Christian
Bone Prophet is a hard-hitting and edgy group with yet a very positive twist on
lyrics and attitude. The band derives from Knoxville, TN but in a few short years has
watched their efforts reach international status. Members of the group include Eddie
Moles (lead vocal and guitar), Randall Timko (bass guitar) and Brian Settle (lead guitar) and Rodney Bell (drums). Together, the group has experienced enormous success as an indie
band and plans to reach millions of listeners who can share their triumphs in this life.
The band strides under the belief that music isn’t just a hobby but also gives a person,
group or country an identity, brings people together, calms the soul and at times just
makes us feel good.
With powerful lyrics and a tight sound, Bone Prophet seeks to transcend today’s
rock scene by calling on past influences and experiences, and molding them with the
cries of today’s rock generation. Since the launch of the group’s self-titled album, the
band has been featured at some of Christian Rock’s largest festivals and events, including
two appearances at the Ichthus Festival in Wilmore, KY and the Cornerstone festival in
Bushnell, IL. The group is also enjoying international success with concerts in Ontario,
Canada and talks of a European tour. Bone Prophet has also collaborated with film producer
Bob Denney to record on the music soundtrack for the independent film Light
released June 2011. Two of the band members also appear as actors in the film.
Legendary producer Danny Brown of East Tennessee’s Southern Sound Studios
produced the band’s latest album Bone Prophet. All songs on the album are originals,
written and arranged by the band. With fan favorites “Cross”, “Filthy Rags”, “Somebody
Help Me” and “Momma”, the group is riding a wave of success including a heavy road
schedule and a huge web fan base. “We aren’t out there just to give a rock concert”,
explains Moles, “More importantly than songs, God gives us messages and it’s our honor
to share His message with everyone”.

Knoxville, Tennessee
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