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Here's how it all began....Jonathan Pagano entered a local song contest sponsored by Refuge records and Grand Slam studio with the song Running Home. He won that contest and the song was put on the Axeman compilation. It was not released as a single but exploded on Christian rock radio none the less. Based on the success of the that song Jonathan was offered a recording contract. Instead of being a solo artist he decided to form a band and enlisted the talents of Adam Gibson on drums and Jon Spinola on bass as the core group. He also was fortunate to have several great guitarists come and go in the lineup starting with Jon Citarelli who played on 'Running Home" on the Axeman compilation. He was followed by Steve Paul who played on "One Big Sky" followed by Derek Jan on "A Liquid Earth". One Big Sky, their debut album, was released in 1991 and was nominated for 3 dove awards including new artist of the year. The follow-up record, A Liquid Earth was released in 1992. They toured extensively at that time doing shows across the USA and some parts of Europe.

Hard Rock
Rehoboth, Massachusetts
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Year Title Rating Views
1992 A Liquid Earth 2417
1991 One Big Sky 3087

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