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Armageddon USA

American Christian metal band. Started under the name Second Chance from 1987-1988. These guys weren't as familiar as their fellow white metal bands. They have been compared to old Savatage and Metal Church. But also Saint, Titanic and maybe Mercy Rule. Their drummer went on to play with Raven.

Due to the many other bands called Armageddon, they changed their name to Armageddon USA.

Heavy Metal, Power Metal
Falls Church, Virginia, USA
Similar Secular:
Armored Saint, Titanic, Savatage

Overall Rating computed from Album Ratings
Year Title Rating Views
2018 Money Mask (Vinyl LP) 93
2015 Up in Flames 800
2007 The Money Mask (Collector's Edition) 1408
1989 The Money Mask 2284
1988 The Blazing Wasteland 1337
1987 Second Chance 1403

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