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Dam has been the band of more representative White Metal of Ecuador, integrated for 4 years by Alexis and Dario Jarrin, Alexander Izurieta and Expensive Esteban, have developed to a lyrical fusion heavy trash that shaped in their first CD " SANGRE" sent In February of the 2007. With than 20000 visits to his website, with 1000 copies sold more of " SANGRE" , the musical video of FAITHFUL UNTIL the DEATH and the support of thousands of fans in Quito and all the Country, DAM projects in the search of international markets. The DAM music speaks of the conviction of its members; there is no reality in a world full of mirrors, the one that knows the True God has extended the level of the mortal and works by an eternal Kingdom in which there is no pain and to that all are invited.

Hard Rock, Metal
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Overall Rating computed from Album Ratings
Year Title Rating Views
2013 Desde El Silencio 835
2009 Sombras (promo) 756
2007 Sangre 945

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