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Sure Conviction

In late 1991, brothers Matt and Paul Liffengren (or as they preferred to be called now, "Snap" and "Crackle") recorded their first musical project in Campbell, California. The album, entitled "Fightin' the Battle", was a potpourri of sounds including arena, pop, and soft rock. A tidbit worthy of note: the title track of that album marked the first musical collaboration of the two brothers.

"The beauty of Sure Conviction is their impeccable taste and clever use of simile and metaphor in their songwriting, allowing the listener to transport their consciousness to another place somewhere in the vicinity."

- excerpt from Me at 1:50pm CST

In November of 1993, the brothers again found it imperative to create a new album. Working with musical giants like John (Kansas) and Dino Elephante, Caleb Quaye (Elton John's band), and Glenn Pierce (Idle Cure), they found themselves the proud owner of their second release, "Get Ready". Upon completion, the album received critical acclaim, and the brothers were signed to Giant Records.

"The remarkable thing about Sure Conviction is their uncanny ability to change with the face of music, adding their own distinctive facial tick to the myriad of guises in popular music today."

- excerpt from Me about 20 mins. from the last one

In 1997, Sure Conviction was now a fully-formed band, having picked up four new musicians including Kurt Heinzman and Jim Rojas. They went into the studio again to record the musical gem, "54 and Change".

"I've known the band for a long time now, and they are genuinely the nicest fellows I know...was that alright, guys? I didn't want to go overboard or anything. I think that way, it'll seem more sincere."

- excerpt from One of My Friends later the same day

And now, in 2001, because YOU asked for it, SC has released yet another album. This one, entitled "Blind", marks a modernization of their music while maintaining the integrity of their songwriting.

The current lineup for SC is Matt Liffengren, Paul Liffengren, Kurt Heinzman, Jim Rojas, Daniel Wright, and Brent Holderman.

We here at SC are not responsible for the opinions of our fans.

The letters "S" and "C" have been copyrighted by SC. The alphabet has been altered to reflect this.

AOR, Hard Rock
Campbell, CA USA
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2012 The Best Of Sure Conviction 745
2001 Blind 1273
1997 54 & Change 1545
1995 Get Ready 1491
1991 Fightin' the Battle 1260

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