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Erez first started working on the trilogy project as a basic idea for the concept of the exodus biblical story.

After a few months of searching for a guitar player YUVAL KRAMER joined and with Erez started writing the first songs. The unique sound of the trilogy is a mixture of Middle Eastern spices with an epic, cinematic scope polished with huge philharmonic orchestrations, all wrapped in drums and guitars.

A year later with a few songs in hand and HANAN AVRAMOVICH on second guitar, AMASEFFER was the name chosen for the band. The Hebrew name of AMASEFFER, referring to the name chosen for the Israelites in the Bible, "People of the Holy Book".

At that point Erez contacted ANDY KUNTZ, lead singer of German progressive metal band VANDEN PLAS. After listening to a couple of songs Erez sent him, Andy decided that he wants to take part in AMASEFFER's holy voyage.

After a long period of delays and set backs to the working progress due to Andy's unavailability, it was decided that the best thing for AMASEFFER is to search for a new lead singer that will be committed to his part in the trilogy.

AMASEFFER immediately started looking for the vocalist who will contribute his voice to the music.

The Band was approached by a few of the leading names in the business but none of them really left the right impression. Knowing that this part is so vital, AMASEFFER did not compromise on that, regardless the tight time schedule and kept on looking and auditioning singers.

MATS LEVEN's vocals on THERION, KRUX, YNGWIE MALMSTEEN and FATAL FORCE gave the band an overall look on his abilities. He gave the feeling of "this is the perfect man for the job!".

The band contacted MATS LEVEN, and he showed a big interest in doing it, so the audition package (a part of one of the songs with the lyrics to it, so he will record his own vocal ideas on it) was sent to him. When he sent back the file, it was decided that he is the one.

As for today, AMASEFFER's first part of the trilogy is finished and ready for release.

All artwork was done by MATTIAS NOR�N (

In order to capture the musical vision on the album it was decided that a special hand drawn illustration will be made for each song.

The biblical story of the Exodus will be told in the eventual trilogy of albums.

Prog Metal
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2016 Kna'an 794
2012 When the Lion’s Leave Their Den (SINGLE) 150
2008 Slaves for Life (single) 929
2008 Exodus - Slaves For Life 9454

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