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Krig Was Formed in January 2007 Belo Horizonte City, Brazil. Lyrics deal with social, environmental, and faith issues. Leaded by Isaque Soares. After he recorded a few songs he invited old band member and friend Daniel Corpse, "FOF, Mercy, Unnamed and ex- Sabbatariam lead vocalist ". In May 2007, Phillippe (Mercy and Unnamed Leader, ex-Sabbatariam) and Junior (Feel Burning Inside) joined the band. Back in 2008, Junior and Phullippe Split with the band, Then Vinicius Soares Drums and Jully Soares bassist joined the band as our final line up. In November 2007 Krig released their debute album entitled "Feed Me", which won the top 10 album of the year at the web site Metal Blessing. In April 2008 krig released their 2nd album entitled "Stop the Manipulation", featuring Luke Renno from band Crimson Thorn. 1st march 2009 krig released their 3rd album Target: Human, Mission: Destroy. So the band recorded the 4th Album Narcissistic Mechanism in the year of 2010 supported by a sort of webstores around the world. 2011 was released our 1st official DVD titled Back to Square One DVD.

Death Metal, Brutal Death
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Overall Rating computed from Album Ratings
Year Title Rating Views
2013 Decay's Beholder 871
2011 Back To Square One (DVD) 729
2010 Narcissistic Mechanism 866
2009 Target: Human, Mission: Destroy 7041
2008 Stop the Manipulation 5842
2007 Feed Me 6296

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