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The Sacrificed

Back in 2005 Eli Prinsen (former vocalist of Sealed Fate and Sceptre) met Johnny Bowden (Guitarist of The Undisputed). Although the two came from very different backgrounds musically, they shared a love for Jesus Christ as well as many similar musical interests. The two set out to fuse together Eli's classic/power metal vocal style along with Johnny's driving punk/metal guitar style to create a modern style of metal with a strong classic power metal feel...What resulted was what is now known to Christian metal fans as "The Sacrificed".

Heavy Metal
Lakeland, Florida
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2014 The Da Vinci Hoax 2.0 1076
2012 III 1335
2010 2012 1471
2010 The DaVinci Hoax and Beyond (compilation) 1038
2007 The DaVinci Hoax 1174

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