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Band Fire Throne is a project made by members of two Christian unblack bands: ELGIBBOR and ABDIJAH. The band has been found in 2002. The purpose of this band is to reach people that listen blackmetal with a gospel. We believe that JESUS CHRIST IS THE SAME TODAY AS IN THE DAYS HE WALKED ON EARTH. WE BELIEVE THAT HE SETS PEOPLE FREE FROM DEMONS, SICKNESS AND ANY CURSE. HE WANTS TO SAVE EVERYONE AND GIVE LIFE FULL OF HOLINESS AND BLESSING. But we also believe that God is righteous judge and gives everyone free choice. There's only one way to be save and this way is JESUS CHRIST who died on cross for our sins. He defeated Satan and death in resurrection. GOD SEND HIS ONLY SON ON EARTH THAT EVERYONE WHO BELIEVE IN HIM WILL NOT DIE BUT BE WITH HIM IN ETERNITY. The texts are influenced by Bible because it's book filed with a POWER OF LIVING GOD!! JESUS IS LORD!!! AMEN

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Overall Rating computed from Album Ratings
Year Title Rating Views
2008 Day of Darkness and Blackness 1285
2006 Day of Darkness and Blackness (jewelcase editon) 1576
2005 Day of Darkness and Blackness (slimcase edition) 1100
2004 Demo 1237

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