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Once Dead

Once Dead originally formed as a Vengeance Rising reunion in 2004. However, since former Vengeance Rising vocalist was not part of the reunion, the band decided to change their name to Once Dead. Once Dead members include all of the original Vengeance Rising members with the addition of Ultimatum vocalist Scott Waters. After the reunion show, which was recorded for a DVD release, the band decided to stay together and write new material.

As of 2005, Once Dead were writing new material for a new CD as well as performing shows around the U.S. In the Summer of 2005, longtime drummer Glen Mancaruso left the band and ex-The Crucified/current Fasedown drummer Jim Chaffin was added to the band's line-up. The band continued to tour and play shows, including a trip to Europe for the Elements of Rock Festival. Just before this trip, bassist Roger Dale was replaced by ex-Hirax bassist Angelo Espino. Ex-Deliverance/Hirax guitarist Glenn Rogers was also added to the band before this show after making a guest appearance with the band at Up From the Ashes in California.

In 2006, the band parted ways with original singer Scott Waters, apparently due to the distance he lived from the band. Ex-Fasedown screamer Devin Shaeffer was added to the band. A new album titled "Visions of Hell" was slated to be released in 2007 until the departure of another original member and main songwriter, Larry Farkas. The recording was again delayed. Unfortunately the core of the band has fallen apart. By 2007 the album had still not been released and all but one (Doug Thieme) of the original members remain in the band. Many fans were disappointed as they had hoped for a new release from the original members of Once Dead.

The new line-up of the band announced that they would enter the studio in October 2007 to finally begin the recording of the long awaited "Visions of Hell" release. Members at this time are: Doug Thieme (guitars), Glenn Rogers (guitars), Angelo Espino (bass), Jim Chaffin (drums) and Devin Shaeffer (vocals).

Thrash Metal, Heavy Metal
California, USA
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2008 Visions of Hell 9953
2005 Return With A Vengeance (DVD) 14085

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