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Hailing from the relatively un-metallic region of New Mexico, Ultimatum has been toiling in the metal underground since their inception in 1992, with four albums, an EP and several demos to their credit thus far and a new album due to be released in July 2009. Their style is rooted in 80's Bay Area thrash, with perhaps a nod toward classic heavy metal bands such as Metal Church and Accept.

Vocalist Scott Waters also sang for the reunited Vengeance Rising under the name Once Dead for a few years.

Former bassist Tom Michaels joined SeventhSign after leaving Ultimatum.

Guitarist Robert Gutierrez has also played guitar in Angelic Force, Holy Sacrifice and more recently, Saint.

Drummer Alan Tuma had formerly played with The Mosketeers, Combat Faith and Stones Foley.

In 2007 guitarist Justin Frear (ex-Tykkus) temporarily joined the Ultimatum ranks.

Ultimatum is recording an album of all covers in 2009, tentatively titled LEX METALI. Some bands rumored to be covered on the album are Mortification, The Moshketeers, Judas Priest, Vengeance Rising, Overkill, Motorhead, Metallica and Exodus.

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Thrash Metal, Heavy Metal
Albuquerque, NM, USA
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