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Wake the Nations by Ken Tamplin

This album is quite a bargain. At 79 minutes and 18 songs, in a double-disc case with a DVD that has 2 videos and some fun behind the scenes clips, you are getting you're hard-earned pennies' worth

This album includes some of the world's greatest shredding guitarists, catchy melodies, pounding rhythms, and complex anthemic choruses.

1. The Story of Love
2. We've Jihad Enough
3. Falling Houses
4. The Man With the Plan
5. Hare Kristians
6. Wake the Nations
7. God In Heaven
8. Peace on Earth
9. Mystery
10. Cell Phone Freaks
11. Livin' Large
12. 7 Eleven People
13. Saints and Heroes
14. Waiting for your Love
15. Everyday is Precious
16. Come Together
17. Sing
18. Freedom


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