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God Only Knows by Greg X. Volz

Greg X. Volz announces the release of the all-new studio album "God Only Knows". Eleven new tracks including the singles 'It's Love'; 'The Mirror' and more!

This project was produced with Petra bandmate John Lawry and features guests including Kirk Henderson, Will McFarlane and former members of the CCM supergroup Sonicflood.

This can be purchased directly from Greg's website. Purchases of products on this site support the ministry of Greg X. Volz.


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#1God Only Knows
#2The Grave is Empty
#3Exercise Your Faith
#4It's Love
#5The Rock
#6Dead Man's Party
#7The Mirror
#8Soldier of Light
#9Word of the Lord
#10Brand New Start
#11God Only Knows(Reprise)
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