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The Making of Mr Buechner's Dream (DVD) by Daniel Amos

Brand new film documenting the making of one of DA's most beloved albums, "Mr. Buechner's Dream." Follow the band from the early demos, to the rehearsals, to the studio sessions in the legendary Green Room as they craft the music to their epic 32 song release. Bonus material includes live footage from the 2001 Legends Tour, and DA's internet single, "Nowhere is Someplace."


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Aug 9, 2014 05:48:53 PM
Dedicated to Frederick Buechner-pastor, author, mentor.

Shows the band making behind the scenes. Plenty of frivolity, laughter, fun, and hard work. Get to know the individual band members, the family the band has become. The decision to make it a double album. No fillers. A combination of styles from the same four guys. Each band member expresses himself musically and lyrically in the songs. Terry considers all of them to be professionals and is inspired by them. They consider themselves to be the dinosaurs of Christian rock.

Ends with bloopers like found at the end of a movie.

BONUS-26 minutes of footage at the 2001 Creation Festival.

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