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From the Midst of the Battle by Deuteronomium

Bullroser release: BULL007
UPC: 6430028620166

Release date August 13, 2008

Executive producer: Mikko Harkin
Produced by Deuteronomium
All music arrange by Deuteronomium, except track 9 arranged by Deuteronomium and Mikko Harkin
Recorded at Drumforest Studios by Niklas Neimispelto and Studio Watercastle by Arttu Sarvanne in March-April, 2008
Mixed by Arttu Sarvanne at Studio Watercastle in April-June, 2008
Mastered by Svante Forsback ant Chartmakers
Band photography by Saku Perinto (
Band member drawings by Meira Rauta
Artwork, photography & design by Manu Lehtinen
Acoustic guitars by Miika Partala and Kalle Paju
Midi programming in track 8 by Kalle Paju and Arttu Sarvanne
Album intro by Manu Lehtinen

Additional vocals:
Claudio Enzler - narration in track 2, additional growls in track 5, bgv's
Oula Siipola - clean vocals in track 6
Christian Palin - clean vocals in track 8, bgv's
Kristiina Hollander - female vocals in track 9
Jarno Lehtinen - narration in track 3
Manu Lehtinin - shouting vocals, additional growls in track8, narration in track 3, bgv's
Miika Partala - narration in track 3, bgv's
Kalle Paju - bgv's

Additional Musicians:
Mikko Harkin - keyboards in track 9
Paivi Niemi - kantele in track 9
Markus Niemispelto - additional drumming in track 2
Niklas Niemispelto - wiring in track 1

Comes in a special CD case. Lyrics are printed in the sleeve for a track called "Hail to the King" but it doesn't appear on the CD.

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