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Petra by Petra

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I'm Not Ashamed ()

I'm not ashamed to say I need you
You satisfy my every need
And when I yield to You and give my love You always set me free

I'm not ashamed to talk about You
You given me a love You share
I know you died and rose and will return to meet us in the air

I'm not ashamed, I've been forgiven
I have no need to run and hide
And when You take my hand I know that there's no need to be afraid

I'm not ashamed to say I love You
And I know You first loved me
And when I hear Your voice, it keeps me hanging on to what I've got

Copyright 1974 Petra

#1Wake Up
#2Get Back To The Bible
#3Gonna Fly Away
#4Storm Comin'
#5Parting Thought
#6Walkin' In The Light
#7Mountains And Valleys
#8Lucas McGraw
#9Backslidin' Blues
#10I'm Not Ashamed
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