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Master Of The Metal by Messiah Prophet


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Feb 3, 2014 10:07:47 PM
Bought this on vinyl when it was brand new. Awesome album. Hit & Run, Heavy Metal Thunder, etc. A classic. It needs to be remastered and reissued!
Feb 9, 2014 08:16:15 PM
Used to have this on vinyl. Have no idea what happened to it. Was a very good release from Pure Metal Records. I wore out side 1.
Mar 17, 2014 10:16:32 AM
I still remember getting the vinyl on this for Christmas when it came out. Listening to it on my not so good sears record player. It still is one of my all time favorites of the era. By far the best album they put out. A shame nothing else even compares in their catalog
#1Hit And Run
#2Master Of The Metal
#3For Whom Does The Bell Toll
#4Fear No Evil
#5Heavy Metal Thunder
#6The Friend
#7Battle Cry
#8Voice That's Calling
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