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Vanishing Lessons (Reissue) by Tourniquet

Re-issue of the band's 1994 album with bonus tracks & re-mastering.

From the band's website:
time: 48:49
total tracks: 11
layout: 5 page color / b & w
liner notes: no

time: 73:55
total tracks: 17
layout: 12 page ALL color booklet (with never-before-seen photos, Bible verses, etc.)
liner notes: yes


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My Promise (4:32)

Just a boy, you will not remember half
The things you're going through right now
How can I explain to you things don't
Always go the way you want them to
I know you feel confused

Your mother never wanted this for you
She did her best but that he wouldn't do

You and I are brought together now by
Wedding vows, vows that I have also made to you

Flesh and blood though we are not
I will love you as my own
Now God's love is all we've got
Together we can build a home

All I want for you is to remember this
Never will I turn my back on you
This world will lie to you and take you for a ride
How can I protect you from this path
Only God can show you that the lights in life burn fast
Never fosake your precious days of

I promise I will do my best for you
Listen to me and I will listen too

2 Thessalonians 3:5

Copyright 2004 Tourniquet

#1Bearing Gruesome Cargo4:35
#2Pecking Order5:52
#3Drowning Machine4:46
#4Pushin' Broom5:36
#5Vanishing Lessons4:21
#6My Promise4:32
#10Your Take3:21
#11Sola Christus5:02
#12HHS2 (Handel Harpsichord Suite #2)1:28
#13Acidhead - LIVE 20004:57
#14Pecking Order - LIVE 20025:47
#15Vanishing Lessons - LIVE 20024:26
#16Drowning Machine - DEMO 19944:27
#17Twilight - DEMO 19943:57
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