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Vanishing Lessons (Reissue) by Tourniquet

Re-issue of the band's 1994 album with bonus tracks & re-mastering.

From the band's website:
time: 48:49
total tracks: 11
layout: 5 page color / b & w
liner notes: no

time: 73:55
total tracks: 17
layout: 12 page ALL color booklet (with never-before-seen photos, Bible verses, etc.)
liner notes: yes


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Drowning Machine (4:46)

The water is fast, but it ain't deep
I waded out before
I could do it in my sleep
Another line, another fix
Another "I don't care"
The place you thought you'd never be
Guess what, you're there

Drowning machine
Drowning machine

Sow a thought, reap an action
Sow an action, reap a habit
Sow a habit, reap a destiny
Do anything, be anyone
But you're not free

Drowning machine
Drowning machine

A three foot river drop
A circular hell
Drowing machine is
Ringing the death bell
Your lifeless soul floats to the shore
You couldn't stop
Had to have more, more, more

Drowning machine
Drowning machine
Drowning machine
Tragic death scene

2 Peter 2:20

Copyright 2004 Tourniquet

#1Bearing Gruesome Cargo4:35
#2Pecking Order5:52
#3Drowning Machine4:46
#4Pushin' Broom5:36
#5Vanishing Lessons4:21
#6My Promise4:32
#10Your Take3:21
#11Sola Christus5:02
#12HHS2 (Handel Harpsichord Suite #2)1:28
#13Acidhead - LIVE 20004:57
#14Pecking Order - LIVE 20025:47
#15Vanishing Lessons - LIVE 20024:26
#16Drowning Machine - DEMO 19944:27
#17Twilight - DEMO 19943:57
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