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Vanishing Lessons (Reissue) by Tourniquet

Re-issue of the band's 1994 album with bonus tracks & re-mastering.

From the band's website:
time: 48:49
total tracks: 11
layout: 5 page color / b & w
liner notes: no

time: 73:55
total tracks: 17
layout: 12 page ALL color booklet (with never-before-seen photos, Bible verses, etc.)
liner notes: yes


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Twilight - DEMO 1994 (3:57)

When Father Time begins to run out on you
There's a place we take you to
"Just a burden now", I heard them say
I know I'm just in the way
You watch the car as they drive slowly away
Their guilt will hang on them for just today.

All alone you sit, the phone never rings
Each day new sorrow brings
And the holidays, they come and they go
But there's one thing that I know.

Even though my family counts me for dead
I never see them anyway
My life to God is not a worthless mistake
He's right there with me in my endless heartache.

Can you look away from all this pain
Or do you think it isn't there
Can you look away from all this pain
Say you just don't really care.

As we lock our priceless heritage away
Our kin the elderly
Do you know someone who stares at the walls
I think you know what to do.

Copyright 2004 Tourniquet

#1Bearing Gruesome Cargo4:35
#2Pecking Order5:52
#3Drowning Machine4:46
#4Pushin' Broom5:36
#5Vanishing Lessons4:21
#6My Promise4:32
#10Your Take3:21
#11Sola Christus5:02
#12HHS2 (Handel Harpsichord Suite #2)1:28
#13Acidhead - LIVE 20004:57
#14Pecking Order - LIVE 20025:47
#15Vanishing Lessons - LIVE 20024:26
#16Drowning Machine - DEMO 19944:27
#17Twilight - DEMO 19943:57
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