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Reflections Of The Obscure by Essence Of Sorrow

Rivel release: RRCD031
UPC: 7320470071434

Reflections Of Darkness Was recorded at
Uzi-G Studio, Nov 2005
The Panic Room, Nov 2005
Serenity Studio, Jan 2006
Area 52, Sept - Oct 2006
Mixed at Area 52 by, Carl Johan Grimmark
Mastered at Criteria Mastering by: PLEC
Produced By: Jani Stefanovic

All Songs Published By Rivel Publishing

Artwork & Layout Design By Jani Stefanovic
Logo By Jon Gromroos

Essence of Sorrow

Jani Stefanovic: Rhythm & Lead Guitars, Drums
Christian Palin: Vocals
Mikko Harkin: Vocals

Special Guests
Mats Leven: Vocals
Andreas Olsson: Bass
Patrik Gardberg: Lead Guitars
Plec: Lead Guitars

Jani Stefanovic - Guitar
Christian Palin - Vocals
Tom Gardiner - Guitar
Eero Pakkanen - Bass
Mikko Härkin - Keyboards
Rolf Pilve - Drums

In the center of the sleeve:
"The essence of sorrow is different for everyone. Through sorrow we are stripped from all the vanity that surround us, we take what we need to survive and progress, only looking in one direction.
Sorrow is a powerful thing and it contains so many different emotional aspects. Sometimes sorrow can unite people or break them apart.
But there is a power that overrules it all and that is the power of love."

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