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A Critique of Mind and Thought by A Plea For Purging

Facedown release: FCD065
UPC: 803847106528


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A Hymn Of Praise (3:07)

I will extol you, my God.
O King, I will bless your name.
With the reasons of everyday,
I will praise your name forever.
One generation speaks your name,
of the glorious splendor,
highly to be praised.
As men pour forth like a fountain,
the praises of your grace,
highly to be praised.
I'll sing it loud, I'll sing it loud,
abandoning in mercy, and loving kindness.
I'll sing it loud.
I'll sing it loud.
Your saints praise your tender mercies,
highly to be praised.
O Lord, My King, my eyes wayt for you.
Your open hand provides,
gracious and merciful.
You who are so close,
Hear my cry.
Hear my prayer,
My lips speak your praise.
I'll sing your name.

Copyright 2007 A Plea For Purging

#1Sons of Vipers, How Will You Escape the Judgement Of Hell3:49
#2While The Sparrow Sleeps3:32
#3The Slaying of the Serpentine Dragon4:18
#4The Betrayers3:09
#5Perseverance 3:36
#6Resurrection of the Beast3:33
#7A Hymn Of Praise3:07
#8Death Has Been Swallowed Up in Victory4:26
#9Everything and Nothing4:01
#10Turn it Down3:28
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