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Volume II by Die Happy

Intense Records

features former Badlands bassist Greg Chaisson.


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Blue ()

The sky turned an autumn brown
Then back to blue
In your pain I ran away
Then back to you
When I returned you were gone
Your body swept away

Where are you now?
Tell me please
I've got so much to say
I want to know
Tell me please
I want to know

Sands of life pass through my hands
Like drops of rain
When my hands are void of sand
What still remains
When all my life has been swept away?
I've kept my fast
The pain revealed a darker blue
In dying eyes of glass
Now I know...

I'm gonna be there
I'm gonna be there with you
When my time has come
And the sands are gone
I'm gonna be there with you
When I see your face
I'll thank in praise
I'm gonna be there with you

Copyright 1993 Die Happy

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