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Preachers from Outer Space! by Daniel Amos

Preachers from Outer Space! is the title of a 1994 live album by rock band Daniel Amos, released on Stunt Records.

Preachers chronicles a bit of what the band was doing in those "missing years" of 1978-1981; after much of the Horrendous Disc album had been finished, and about four years before it would finally be released by its label. The show starts with a few of the band's earlier country/rock songs like "Shotgun Angel," and "Happily Married Man," and then introduces the audience to many songs from the still unreleased album. Also included on this collection are the rare concert favorites, "Mary Baker Eddy" and "Secret Scripts & 3D Glasses" - neither of which has ever been recorded by the band for an album or released officially on any other project.


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#1Shotgun Angel
#3Happily Married Man
#4Salvation Wings
#5Hound of Heaven
#6Secret Scripts & 3D Glasses
#7Horrendous Disc
#8Posse in the Sky
#9Secret Scripts & 3D Glasses (Alternate version)
#10Mary Baker Eddy
#11I Love You #19 (Early Demo)
#12You Always Run Away From Love (Early Demo)
#13As Long As I Live (studio out-take)
#14I Get Around (Studio Out-take)
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