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Obsessions by Sacred Warrior

Recorder: Harry Witz
Recorder: Steve Weeder
Producer: Harry Witz
Mixer: Harry Witz
Mixer: Steve Weeder
Label: Intense Records
Total running time: 42:35

Also released in Japan on Pony Canyon Records.

Rey Parra - Vocals
Bruce Swift - Guitars
John Johnson - Guitars
Tony Velasquez - Drums
Steve Watkins - Bass, Keyboards


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Obsessions (4:50)

As the dollar exchanges the hand of many
There lie the poor who dream of having enough for today
The rich control the government while the gangs control the streets
It`s hand against the sword till the strong take out the weak

It`s all a competition to see who will get the bigger bite
Men driven by obsessions , the more they get the more they want
To have it all, they gotta see they`re plagues upon the wall

Blinding obsessions
Blinding obsessions

You gave up all your rights as you turnde to the needle
And now you`ve gone so fat, there is no turning back
Do what it takes, you`ve gotta have it all
There`s something in your blood that pulls the number
Makes a call, it doesn`t really matter if you lose it all
Just as long as you feed this desire inside of you
Can`t you see you`re destroying your life ?
Turn away it`s not what it`s made out to be, oh don`t you see?
There`s a dead end there for you

Blinding obsessions
Blinding obsessions

Copyright 1991 Sacred Warrior

#1Wings Of A Dream4:51
#2Sweet Memories4:30
#3Turning Back4:11
#6Remember Me4:39
#7Fire From Heaven4:17
#8Temples On Fire4:07
#9Mad Man6:15
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