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Mr Buechner's Dream by Daniel Amos

Mr Buechner's Dream is the title of a 2001 double album by the rock band Daniel Amos.

Although the album includes over 30 songs, the band did not set out to record a double album. "I think Chris Colbert (the band's engineer) thought we were a little crazy. Itís my sense that the sheer joy of being together again in a creative setting after a seven years absence opened the floodgates of the creativity I believe is unique to Daniel Amos", explains Taylor, the band's lyricist.

Lyrically the album reflected the tumultuous events experienced by members of the band in recent years: the passing of two young and very dear friends, including producer and studio owner Gene Eugene, cancer in Taylor's family, and in the families of other close friends.

Musically, it was like kids in candy store. DA had never been more experimental or creative in the studio.

The "Mr Buechner" referred to in the title is in fact Pulitzer Prize nominated author Frederick Buechner, who has been a major inspiration on the band's lyrics for years. The album also pays tribute to authors Walker Percy, T. S. Eliot, G. K. Chesterton, Flannery O'Connor, Lewis Carroll, and Dorothy L. Sayers.

Some of the studio sessions and rehearsals for the album were filmed by friends of the band. Those films were later edited together to create a "behind the scenes" DVD, appropriately entitled The Making of Mr. Buechner's Dream.


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#1This is the One
#2Mr. Buechner's Dream
#3The Author of the Story
#4Your Long Year
#5Who's Who Here?
#6Thick Skin
#7Ribbons & Bows
#8Ordinary Extraordinary Day
#9I Get to Wondering
#10Faithful Street
#11The Lucky Ones
#12Rice Paper Wings
#13The Tale You Told
#15Over Her Shoulder
#16The Staggering Gods
#17A Little Grace
#18My Beautiful Martyr
#19Mr. Buechner Wakes Up
#21Pretty Little Lies
#22Child on a Leash
#23Small Great Things
#24Easy for You
#25Maybe All I Need
#26Pregnant Pause
#27She's a Hard Drink
#28So Far So Good
#29Flash in Your Eyes (A Song for Gene Eugene)
#30Nobody Will
#32Steal Away
#33And So it Goes
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