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Mechanics of Perilous Times (Remastered/Expanded) by Ultimatum

Retroactive Records
2007 Re-issue includes 8 page booklet, additional liner notes and three bonus tracks.

Bonus Tracks
"Temple of the Spirit" [2000 demo]
"Heart of Metal" [2003 demo]
"Greed Regime, Inc." [2005 live]

This CD was re-released in June 2007, but the initial pressing had an error. The last track was incorrect. While it was suppose to be "Greed Regime, Inc." (live), this initial run contained "Blink/Wrathchild" (live). The CDs were instantly recalled by Retroactive and only a handful of copies made it out onto the market. They are set to be released again in July 2007.


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#1Temple Of The Spirit
#2The Greed Regime, Inc.
#3Perilous Times
#4Shroud Of Science
#5The Purging
#6Crash Course
#7Warlord's Sword
#10Violence & Bloodshed
#11Temple Of The Spirit (1999 demo)
#12Heart of Metal (2003 rough demo)
#13Greed Regime Inc. (Live 2005)
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