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Behold a Pale Horse by Saviour Machine


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Behold A Pale Horse (Album Mix) ()

Behold the suffering unspeakable in death
And the abominations of the earth;
Its desolation turns,
And now there is no life in her ...

Behold the pale horse ...
With fire in its eyes, with murder its rides,
Behold the grave sword ...
It slays in violent horror, it preys in war ...

Behold the scales of famine tear the flesh of men,
And harvest all the bodies of the dead;
The lifeless continents
Are lined beneath the carcasses ...

Behold the pale horse ...
And death be not proud, and life be not found.
Behold the plague comes,
And the haunting epidemic - infectious - has begun ...

Behold the horrifying evidence,
The sequence of prophetic events,
The escalation fate ascends,
The darkest hour lies ahead ...

Behold a pale horse ...
And hell follow thee; in darkness it feeds,
Behold, the unseen world
Of Hades arise ... burning in time ...

Behold, the fourth seal
Is broken; it is revealed ...
Behind the face of God;
In the silence of heaven concealed;

The seventh seal ...

Copyright 1998 Saviour Machine

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