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Odyssey Into the Mind's Eye by Kerry Livgren

Numavox release: 0004
UPC: 601283000420

On the tray card:
"Odyssey Into the Mind's Eye" is a full length video produced by Odyssey Productions, comprising spectacular computer animation from around the world. Viceo cassettes, laser discs and DVDs of the program are available through sony Music Video.

Produced and Engineered by Kerry Livgren
Recorded and mixed at GrandyZine Recording Co., January through November 1996
Kerry Livgren played all instruments except Drums, which were played by Chris Kearney
Lead Vocal on "The Traveller" - Kreg Hoover
Lead Vocal on "Aspen Moon" - Jacob Livgren
Lead Vocal on "One Dark World" - Darren Rogers
Background Vocals - gee, about everybody

*The Traveler (vocal version) - this was an afterthought. Originally a vocal song by Mike Adams, I adapted and re-wrote it as an instrumental for the video, after which it was edited and adapted once again as a vocal version. Whew!
**The Emplowering (alternate version) - Actually my favorite version of this piece. A different guitar feel than the original.
Credence Lent*** (Livgren) Written during the same period as the rest of this music, this piece enters into a style I've never explored before.
****"One Dark World" from the Kerry Livgren album "When Things Get Electric" courtesy of Numavox Records

* Back Page: Images by Angel Studios (C) KEPCO


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#1Oceanic Celebration4:29
#3Out of Step4:28
#4The Traveler (vocal version)4:20
#5Volatile Planet3:03
#6The Empowering (alternate version)3:25
#7Utopian Dream4:43
#8Credence Lent7:24
#9One Dark World5:23
#10The Empowering3:32
#11Aspen Moon3:42
#13Intelligent Life6:12
#14The Traveler6:33
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