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Visions of Hell by Once Dead

Open Grave release: OGRLAST
UPC: 800828278922

Originally scheduled to be released in 2006 on Open Grave Records, the recording was delayed with the departure/release of original vocalist Scott Waters. The band finally recorded "Vision of Hell" in 2007 with a release date in mid-2007. Unfortunately these recordings were not released either with guitarist Larry Farkas leaving the band and taking his songs and recordings with him. Unfortunately a release by the 2004 line-up of Scott Waters, Larry Farkas, Glen Mancaruso, Doug Thieme and Roger Dale Martin just wasn't meant to be. Fans will have to be happy with the "Return with a Vengeance" DVD instead.

The new Once Dead line-up began recording again in October 2007 with a possible March 2007 release. Only original guitarist Doug Thieme is left in the band at this point, although longtime guitarist Glenn Rogers (Deliverance, Hirax, Steel Vengeance) is still in the band as well. On this recording, Devin Shaeffer, Glenn Rogers, Doug Thieme, Jim Chaffin and Angelo Espino. (Angelo & Glenn were formerly in Hirax together. Devin and Jim were formerly in Fasedown together.) The album was finally set to release on Oct. 28, 2008.

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