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The Habit of Fire by Kekal

Open Grave release: OGR014
UPC: 685747035821


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To Whom It May Concern (6:01)

Anyone, could you see the pain that dwells inside of me
To whom it may concern: I ask for justice, even in a small piece
If I had lived in this place since its inception
I would see...
All the process of degradation, what a waste!
Thousand years, yet we see nothing
Not even a thing to be to be proud of
Always cling to our past fortune
But that was made by our forefathers
Does anyone care?
Enough of this hell
Fading solemnly to obscurity!
If you had lived in this place since its inception
You would see....
All this process of deterioration

Copyright 2007 Kekal

#1Prelude: Worldhate Chronicle0:21
#2The Gathering of Ants5:50
#3Isolated I5:49
#4Manipulator Generals (Part I of Dictatorship)10:47
#5Our Urban Industry Runs Monotonously4:45
#6To Whom It May Concern6:01
#7Free Association4:48
#8Historicity and State of Mind (Part II of Dictatorship)5:58
#9Postlude: Saat Kemarau3:55
#10A Real Life to Fear About7:47
#11Escapism 14:39
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