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The Habit of Fire by Kekal

Open Grave release: OGR014
UPC: 685747035821


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The Gathering of Ants (5:50)

We are part of the mass
Post-industrial working class
Empowered by commands to be
The Black Ants assembly
I feel trapped
here within their system
as the workforce
Diligent and industrious
Voluntarily focused
Disciplinary in-use
Slaves of this modern world
Beyond reasonable doubt
Strains coincide with fear
Harder still to make a will
and sacrifice our surviving-selves
Here; our lives on their hands as an asset
Stagnation; walks in circular direction
Lack of inclination
Self-induced submission
Undisputable fracture
Tracking to consequence
Aging to reluctance
A hell of industry...

Copyright 2007 Kekal

#1Prelude: Worldhate Chronicle0:21
#2The Gathering of Ants5:50
#3Isolated I5:49
#4Manipulator Generals (Part I of Dictatorship)10:47
#5Our Urban Industry Runs Monotonously4:45
#6To Whom It May Concern6:01
#7Free Association4:48
#8Historicity and State of Mind (Part II of Dictatorship)5:58
#9Postlude: Saat Kemarau3:55
#10A Real Life to Fear About7:47
#11Escapism 14:39
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