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Pushin' Broom (VHS) by Tourniquet


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Mar 17, 2014 11:53:22 PM
Can't believe no one has reviewed this yet. Still not sure about the title, why 'Pushin Broom'?
I admire the band's professionalism and humor.
From this vid I learned:
'Carrying the Wounded' is about encouraging those that have fallen away from their walk with the Lord.
Luke Easter talks about appreciating feedback from fans.
Aaron Guerra talks about the roundabout way he became a guitarist for the band.
Gary Lenaire talks about the personel changes in the band.
Victor Macias talks about his musical influences.
'Bearing Gruesome Cargo' is the garage version.
Street footage of criminal activity, er...the band playing with explosives.
Ultra rare footage of toddler Ted banging the drum.
Many still shots of band members during their life.

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