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Welcome To The Show (VHS) by Bride

This is a video that contains almost all of Bride's videos.


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May 11, 2014 11:17:45 AM
Pro-shot MTV-type videos with interviews sprinkled throughout.

Bride is captured doing what they do best; top-notch performances that whips the crowds into a frenzy.

I am convinced that Dale gets the biggest workout among coherent vocalist.
In an interview, Dale equates Dove awards to idols.

'The Worm' video is shown. Whole 'lotta weirdness: painted eyelids, Troy's hair wired up, only the band members eyes are seen behind a mosaic wall, etc. This song is not my style of music but it actually works for me. It is infectious and catchy. The meaning is deep.

'Follow Me' video shows Dale skydiving. What a kick!
Troy plays his double neck on 'Soul Winner', very cool.
#2Beginning Of The End
#3Soul Winner
#4Too Tired
#5Fool Me Once
#6Whiskey Seed
#7Psychedelic Super Jesus (live)
#8Troubled Times
#10Under The Blood
#12God Gave Rock & Roll To You
#13Tomorrow Makes No Sense
#15Psychedelic Super Jesus (remix)
#16The Making Of Worm
#17Everybody Knows My Name
#18Follow Me
has lyrics

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