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Bride Acoustic (DVD) by Bride

This is a DVD with three different live acoustic shows, recorded in Washington DC 1998, Louisville, KY and at the New Song Festival 1993.


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May 11, 2014 11:28:53 AM
...and now for something completely different.

Members of Bride filmed at a dark, intimate club setting. Photography is amateur.

Dale wears Bono like glasses as he plays guitar. He shuffles paper music but never refers to them. He is a little awkward at first but throws some mild humor in for levity. He speculates quite humorously what he will be like as a senior citizen performer. Troy & Dale trade off singing, quite refreshing.

Followed up with two songs from 'At the Pole'. Dale plays mandolin.

I much prefer this video to any of Dale's solo work.
#1Lost And We Wander
#2The End Of The World
#3The Worm
#4I Miss The Rain
#5Hired Gun
#6Sweet Louise
#7I Love You
#8Only When I'm Left Alone
#9Picture Perfect
#10I Have Decided To Follow Jesus
#11Jesus On The Mainline
#12Sweet Hour Of Prayer
#13Everybody Knows My Name
#14Psychedelic Super Jesus
#15Young Love
#16Help (original version)
#17Sweet Louise
has lyrics

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