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Bride Metal (DVD) by Bride

This DVD contains two shows. One is California 1988 and the other is California 1990.


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Mar 25, 2014 09:17:00 PM
This is basically the same as HIS Festival II.

Other bands to perform but not shown at this legendary 2 day fest include:
Deliverance, Saint, Malachia, Eternal Ryte, Juda, Conagious, Cross, Spectra, Full Armor, Redeemer, Jordan, First Aid, Antioch, Witness, Hero, Touche Touche and Holy Right.
May 11, 2014 11:04:06 AM
Here's a couple of early shows filmed at small venues in Somewhere, California.

1989 is a single old-school camcorder held by an amateur photographer. Somewhat comical following the camera man trying to keep up with the band, especially Dale. Some nice close up mostly of the band coming up to the camera and not vice-versa.

This is pure un-adultered, frizzed-up big hair, spandex wearing, head banging 80's metal. No rap/grunge crap here.

This is early Bride trying desperately to set themselves apart from all the other big hair metal bands. Some of this is horrid by today's standards. But this was much in the style of secular Hollywood bands back in the early 80's. Very high energy, but they really refined things shortly after this tour. This is when they still had a rhythm guitarist. Fun to watch the dueling guitars in the extended version of the song 'Thunder in the City'.

The song 'Here Comes the Bride' sees the whole band absolutely whipped up into a frenzy. Guessing this was their favorite song, no pun intended.

During a drum solo, the drummer gets completely fogged out. Funny to watch now but probably way cool back then.

Dale prances around like a crazed mad man, even more than he would do later in the years of the mid to late 90's. Hard to believe.
1990 sees the band way more refined in every aspect. Gone is the spandex. Much better song writing, ministry, musicianship, less frantic stage performance, etc. Ironically this is suddenly up to 90's standards and much cleaner stage show and sounding. More blues oriented songs that later became some of their biggest hits like:

Everybody Knows My Name
Hired Gun
Same old Sinner

Very good multi-shot nicely edited video.

No more rhythm section.
#1Whiskey Seed
#2Fire And Brimstone
#3Forever In Darkness
#4Show No Mercy
#5Hell No
#6Thunder In The City
#7Out For Blood
#8Here Comes The Bride
#9Remember Me
#10Metal Might
#12Pig Song
#13In The Dark
#15Pyramid Club
#16Kiss The Train
#17Young Love
#18Everybody Knows My Name
#19I'm The Devil
#20Hired Gun
#22Same Old Sinner
#23Hot Down South Tonight (video)
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