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This Is It (Expanded) by Bride

This is a remastered version of 2003's "This Is It" from Retroactive Records. This CD has improved sound-quality, with a edited artwork, and four bonus-tracks from the
"This Is It" demo release entitled "RAW".


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F1R3PR00F Jeffcorpse

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May 27, 2017 09:46:58 PM
This is my favorite Bride Cd. I think its more consistent than the three that followed SFS, TS, and I. It's better than anything before it except Snakes. I love all those cds, but this one I've always enjoyed more. Maybe it's "Head looking for a bullet" or the line "misunderstood teenage freak" from Drop D. *****
#1Blow It All Away4:29
#2To The Sky4:12
#3More Than Human3:53
#4Drop D3:34
#5Head Lookin' For A Bullet4:06
#6Best I Expect To Do3:23
#7Evil Geniuses4:38
#9Barren River Blues1:41
#11Short Time In The Grave3:47
#13White Elephant4:22
#14Blow It All Away (Raw Demo)
#15Is This The Now (Raw Demo)
#16Bring Me Down (Raw Demo)
#17Burning Love (Raw Demo)
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