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Rock For The King by Barren Cross

Rock For The King includes the six original tracks from the Believe EP. “It’s All Come True” also appeared on Heaven’s Metal Collection: Volume 1 (1992).

Reissued in 1990 by Medusa with remixed sound, a different cover art & six live bonus tracks:
6. Killer of the Unborn [03:56]
11. Dead Rock [04:19]
12. Cultic Regimes [02:47]
13. He Loves You [04:13]
14. Living Dead [07:11]
15. Heaven or Nothing [04:59]

Re-release and remastering of the original mix by Michael Drive Lee in 2013. Available at the band's official website.


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#1Dying Day
#2He Loves You
#3It's All Come True
#5Going Nowhere
#6Killer Of The Unborn (live)
#7Rock For The King
#8Give Your Life
#9Just A Touch
#10Light The Flame
#11Dead Lock (live)
#12Cultic Regimes (live)
#13He Loves You (live)
#14Living Dead (live)
#15Heaven Or Nothing (live) (CD only track)
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