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...'til the End! by Ultimatum

Limited edition EP that was hand numbered and signed by the band. A total of 300 copies were pressed and released. All 300 were hand signed on the front cover in silver Sharpee.

The EP contained four new "demo" tracks that originally were not intended to be released. According to the band the songs were recorded to shop to labels. The idea of releasing the songs on an EP came by the way of fan suggestions on the band's discussion board. All four songs were later re-recorded for the full length album "Into the Pit". It was these four demo tracks that got Ultimatum signed to Retroactive Records, the label that also released new music from Deliverance and Bride. The fifth track is a Testament cover that was originally recorded for a Testament Tribute CD. The last track is a live version of "Blink" recorded in California in 2004.

This CD is out of print and hard to find.


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#2One For All5:25
#3Heart of Metal4:40
#4Blind Faith4:39
#5Sins of Omission4:45
#6Blink [Live]3:12
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