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Bride Rock (DVD) by Bride

Captured in Germany 1994.
DVD length: 1 hour, 34 min.


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May 11, 2014 11:00:12 AM
This is at a smallish venue on March 25, 1994. Bride is on tour with the German band Creed.

Amateur shot with a shaky tripod mounted camcorder at the soundboard. Very dark mostly out of focus but the sound is great. Excessive amount of strobing gets annoying. Also an excessive amount of water is sprayed on the crowd...for an indoor show. Very distracting. Maybe it's a cultural thing?!?

Dale starts the show with his dizzying spin. This was when Dale had short hair/vest/sunglasses/shorts.

Led Zep parody of 'In My Time of Dying' during the middle of 'Hired Gun' is cool.

They also do a very nice cover of Bob Dylan's 'Knocking on Heaven's Door'. GnR, eat your heart out.

Dale goes through the spin cycle again in 'Troubled Times'.
For the finale, about a dozen head bangers are invited onto the stage for the song 'Hell No'.

Troy uses a hand held camcorder and narrates the band members and spouses enjoying the German: countryside/castles/villages/snow/etc. Yes, they even trudge around in their trademark shorts on their 'days off' and in snowy weather LOL. Too bad this footage was not pro-edited into the concert like the movie 'The Song Remains the Same'. Now that would have been cool.
#1Would You Die For Me
#2Psychedelic Super Jesus
#3Hired Gun
#4Scarecrow Messiah
#5Under The Influence
#8Knockin' On Heaven's Door
#9Everybody Knows My Name
#10Troubled Times
#12Hell No
#13Castle Tour
#14Picture Perfect
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