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Stop the Bleeding by Tourniquet

Intense release: CD09097 (FLD9097)
UPC: 026297909727
SPCN: 7-5126-0872-1

Produced by Roger Martinez and Tourniquet.


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Swarming Spirits (3:24)

Two spirits call my name
One from glory one from shame
Burning different flames

I must believe I am receiving
True words of light of the Christ

Swarms of Legions
Swarms of demons
Swarms at war today
Swarms to kill men
Swarms to bless them
Swarms that some obey

The Bible speaks of prayer
For those who have the faith to dare
Jesus Christ is there

Swarms of Angels
Swarms of Devils
Swarms surrounding me
Swarms to kill men
Swarms to bless them
Swarms that we can\'t see

1 Jn 4:1-6, Heb 12:29, Matt 25:41, Matt 16:15-17, Matt 26:53, Matt 12:43, Eph 6:12, Da 10:12-13, Luke 9:39, Heb 1:14, Col 2:18, Heb 11:1, 1 Peter 3:12, Heb 13:2

Copyright 1990 Tourniquet

#1The Test for Leprosy4:38
#2Ready or Not3:31
#3Ark of Suffering4:14
#4Tears of Korah6:20
#5The Threshing Floor4:13
#6You Get What You Pray For3:23
#7Swarming Spirits3:24
#8Whitewashed Tomb4:22
#10Harlot Widow and the Virgin Bride7:45
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