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Post Momentary Affliction (Nuclear Blast) by Mortification

Released on both CD and white vinyl.


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Overseer (9:18)

A compassionate God Looks down upon the earth
As the void in man's heart grows wide
Empty human grabs at the air around
As fashions drift along through life
Chasing the wind

The emptiness will never be satisfied
While pleasure warms the dullness inside
Restoration groans for fulfillment
Within the captivity of pride


Overseer, creation testifies
As pride of man holds back the helpless cries
Drawing near with arms stretched open wide
Inviting forgiveness in its place inside

Instinct persuades the will
Men like animals respond
To the calling of desire
Ignorant of the creator
May God subject them all
Our to labour on their own
When human strength fails
Then they'll call upon the Lord
Yet in God's great compassion
He floods His grace upon our soul
Mankind chooses helplessness
As pride holds back the cries
And outwardly denies it
As he closes up inside

Chorus repeat

I cry out to the Lord in my distress
He takes away the chains
That bind my soul
Let us give thank for His
Unfailing word
For He sets us free

Chorus repeat

(Ecclesiastes 1:14, Jude 1:10, Nehemiah 9:26-27+31, James 1:15, Romans 8:18-23, Psalm 107:10-16)

Copyright 1993 Mortification

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