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Post Momentary Affliction (Nuclear Blast) by Mortification

Released on both CD and white vinyl.


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Distarnish Priest (7:24)

Distarnish Priest

Distarnish Priest
Distarnish Priest
I'm clean, washed in blood
Sanctified inside out
Oh I'm dead to Satan's grasp
Justified by the cross

Verse 1

Vertical convulsion, striven force
Grasp desired service
Hideous onslaught attacks the mind
Vicious intent prevails


Serve your God
Your time will come

Verse 2

Guard your heart, bow before God
Sack cloth and ashes repentance
Radical conversion, zeal of love
Put faith in actions


I'm lost, inside your ways
I've found, a new escape
This life, no fantasy
New ways, reality
Always growing, never fading
Hope increasing, peace astounding
Always knowing, never falling
My salvation, making me

Chorus repeat

Verse 4

Wretched man, that I am
Chronicle thought diseases
My priestly robes must be clean
Pentinence of ministers

Bridge repeat

Verse 5

Bow at the altar of sacrifice
Living flesh submission
Eucharist served to others passed
Priest of life's maturity

Chorus repeat

(1 Timothy 3:1-7, Jonah 3, Psalm 51, Romans 7:13-25)

Copyright 1993 Mortification

#1Allusions from the Valley of Darkness0:47
#2From the Valley of the Shadows8:05
#3Human Condition4:37
#4Distarnish Priest7:24
#5Black Lion of the Mind0:28
#6Grind Planetarium4:28
#7Pride Sanitarium1:18
#9This Momentary Affliction0:52
#10Flight of Victory (Bass Instrumental)1:52
#12Liquid Assets0:33
#13Vital Fluids6:22
#14The Sea of Forgetfulness0:29
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