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Post Momentary Affliction (Nuclear Blast) by Mortification

Released on both CD and white vinyl.


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Vital Fluids (6:22)

Vital Fluids
Verse 1

Drowned in the water of the spirit
Till it follows from our gasp
Engulfed, it takes our breath
Till every word flows with life


Liquid assets
Liquid assets
Liquid assets
Vital fluids

Verse 2

Aquatic regurgitation
Cannot hold it in
We are full of health
Can't get too much of this good thing

Chorus repeat


If anyone is thirsty
Come to Christ and drink
Whoever believes in Christ
Living water flows from him

Verse 3

Everyone who drinks water
Will be thirsty again
Drink the water of life
Welled up streams for eternity

Chorus repeat

Bridge repeat

(John 7:37b-38, 4:13-14, Isaiah 44:3-4, Isaiah 58:11, Ezra 47:1-12)

Copyright 1993 Mortification

#1Allusions from the Valley of Darkness0:47
#2From the Valley of the Shadows8:05
#3Human Condition4:37
#4Distarnish Priest7:24
#5Black Lion of the Mind0:28
#6Grind Planetarium4:28
#7Pride Sanitarium1:18
#9This Momentary Affliction0:52
#10Flight of Victory (Bass Instrumental)1:52
#12Liquid Assets0:33
#13Vital Fluids6:22
#14The Sea of Forgetfulness0:29
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