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Feel the Fire / Little Foxes by Barnabas

This release features 2 classic Christian hard rock albums on one CD. By general acclaim, Feel the Fire is one of the best albums of all time and by far the best known and beloved Barnabas album. Songs like 'Northern Lights,? Breathless Wonderment,' and 'Suite For the Souls of our Enemies (Part 1)' would easily become big fish in the small pond of Christian heavy metal in the mid 80's. Feel the Fire stands the test of time as a true landmark recording in every sense.

Little Foxes is the band's last studio release, and also represents it's heaviest album both lyrically and musically. 'Auschwitz 87" opens with real vocal samples of Adolph Hitler, while other songs deal with Nazis, dopers, and whores.

Both albums are bold musically as well. Brian Belew provides a Van Halen styled guitar attack, while the rhythm section brings to mind a heavy combo of Rush, Black Sabbath, and Led Zeppelin. Barnabas was way ahead of it's time musically molding their influences into a very original and progressive style of heavy metal. With soaring melodic vocals, and a hard driving guitar maestro, Barnabas won over fans of heavy metal world-wide. Originally released in 1984 & 1986, Retroactive Records makes these masterpieces available for fans to enjoy once again!


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#2The Dream
#3Breathless Wonderment
#5Feel The Fire
#6Northern Lights
#7Follow You Up
#8Suite For The Souls Of Our Enemies Part One: Hammer and Sickle
#9Gospel Maniac
#10Little Foxes
#11Destroy After Use
#12Auschwitz '87
#13China White
#14Sins Of The Father
#15All Alone
#16Suite For The Souls Of Our Enemies Part Two: Lover
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