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Snakes Alive by Bride

This is a LIVE album recorded at the band's legendary Cornerstone Festival '92 peformance. Dale talks about being asked to leave Bride to become Strper's full time vocalist, he talks about the soon to be released SNAKES IN THE PLAYGROUND album that their tour is promoting, and Dale also engages in some of his classic passionate preaching. All this is crafted around 12 classic Bride tunes!

" [Bride - Snakes Alive]

Bride was at the very height of their career. They were touring the U.S. and were establishing themselves as a international group by touring Europe, Scandinavia and Brazil. The more shows Bride played the stronger they became. These were the days of frenzied crowds, aggressive stage performances and knock out concerts. The band was experiencing great acceptance from media and radio and the fans voiced their support by filling concert halls wherever the band was performing. Bride live out what some would call a dream for the next many years" - Dale Thompson, July 2004


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Young Love (3:39)

Roxanne Doesn't Think She's Pretty Enough
She Sits Staring Up At THe Sky
Dream About A Life That Could Be
She Throws Her Diary Into The Sea

It Becomes A Very Long Summer
The Careless Nights Of Fantasy Are Over
When You See Her She's White As A Ghost
She Misses The Sun On Her Face The Most

Young Love-Kiss Him Goodbye
Young Love-Don't You Cry
Young Love-It's No Lie
There Is Love Before The Day You Die

She Feels Her Life Has Fallen Apart
I Tried To Tell Her The World Has A Bulletproof Heart
Sometimes The Past Is Hard To Escape
When The Future Is Bent Out Of Shape

Roxanne Doesn't Think She Pretty Enough
She Sits Staring Up At THe Sky
She Wears Across Around Her Neck
Got The Words At Her Finger Tip
At The Church She Knelt To Pray
Sweet Lord Jesus Give Me The Strengh
She Cried His Name
She Cried His Name

Copyright 2005 Bride

#1Picture Perfect4:49
#2Ever Fallen In Love4:01
#3Young Love3:39
#4Hired Gun8:56
#5Troubled Times5:00
#6Would You Die For Me5:12
#7Same Ol' Sinner5:37
#8Under The Influence6:16
#9Dust Through a Fan4:03
#10Psychedelic Super Jesus6:18
#11Everybody Knows My Name5:48
#12Hell No6:07
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