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Nonexistent by Living Sacrifice

Original R.E.X. release: 7901422467
Original UPC: 092604003525

Produced by Psycho Boy
Executive Producers: Doug Mann & Gavin Morkel

Re-issued in 1999 by Solid State Records.


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...To Nothing ()

Of temptation completed cycle, seducer of humanity
Elements unfurl darkness excruciating sanity
Blasphemed, not to deplore
Loathsome spirits perform signs
To assemble and embrace war
Allied evil powers victory incomplete
Last judgement destiny experience Satan's defeat
Seized and overpowered bound is the serpent
After millennium of abyss released from confinement
Nations deceived, wonder guide, armies assume
Saints encircled, execute judgement, fire that consumes
Allied evil powers victory incomplete
Last judgement destiny experience, Satan's defeat

Copyright 1992 Living Sacrifice

#4Haven of Blasphemy
#5...To Nothing
#6Void Expression
#9Chemical Straightjacket
#10Without Distinction
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