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Nonexistent by Living Sacrifice

Original R.E.X. release: 7901422467
Original UPC: 092604003525

Produced by Psycho Boy
Executive Producers: Doug Mann & Gavin Morkel

Re-issued in 1999 by Solid State Records.


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Haven of Blasphemy ()

Hypocritical liars, whose consciences have been seared
Deny consideration of the One to be feared
Abandoning the faith to follow spirits of deception
Their unsound teaching produce sowers of confusion
Prophets of dceit the word of God
Sowing wickedness reaping trouble from the rod
Though they claim to be the ones to obtain salvation
Their form of doctrine denies Christ's foundation
Haven of blasphemy
Hollow philosophies
Captives remain unfree
Slaves of depravity, whose destruction draws near
Secretly introduce the lies some long to hear
Hanging over them are the scales of condemnation
A false balance of weighted abomination
Haven of blasphemy

Copyright 1992 Living Sacrifice

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